No matter what your heating needs may by SHA Mechanical can help. Installations of all major brands and types of systems, or we can service & maintenance your existing system to keep it performing at its peak all season long.[…]

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Air Conditioning

If you need reliable Air Conditioning for your home or office look no further. We can service and install all major brands and types of cooling systems. With guarantees on all the work we perform you know you're safe with SHA mechanical.[…]

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The same great service you expect for all your heating and cooling services is also available for all your major plumbing needs. From water heaters, faucets, water softeners, toilets, to water and sewer connections we can handle it all. […]

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Plumbing Repair HVAC services in Troutman

Expert Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Services.

Your air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems are three of the most important parts of the comfort and security that your home provides to you and your family. So when you need any work done on these systems, you need a reliable HVAC contractor and plumbing company. Fortunately, you have SHA Mechanical INC on your side.

Our professionals work with both residential and commercial clients and have an understanding of the unique requirements of both. We can handle any heating, air conditioning, or plumbing service that you need, and all of our work comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So whether you need regular maintenance, in-depth repairs, or a new system installation, our professional HVAC and plumbing contractors can help.


Professional Heating Services

after-hours-heating-cooling-serviceMaking sure that your heating is as efficient as possible and functioning well means that you’ll be able to keep your home warm and comfortable while also lowering your energy costs. During the winter, a huge portion of your utility bills can be attributed to heating your home. Any problems with your heating system can mean that you’re overpaying for these costs, as the system will use more energy to produce less heat. Our professional HVAC contractors can help you keep your heating system efficient, and we can handle any problems that you encounter.

Whether you use a furnace, boiler, heat pump, or any other unit to heat your home, our HVAC contractors have the expertise and experience to make sure that it’s kept in the best condition possible. We can handle any repairs or maintenance that you have with your heating unit, and we offer regular tune-ups that can prevent any problems from arising during the winter months.

Our professionals recommend that you have a tune-up of your heating unit at least once a year, preferably just before the heating season begins. During a tune-up, our professional HVAC contractors will be able to find any pressing issues or looming problems that could take a turn for the worst while you’re trying to heat your home. When the temperatures get to their lowest, heating your home isn’t just about comfort, but it can be often a matter of safety and health. Our professionals will make sure that your home’s heating is always able to provide you with both.

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Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

maintenance-agreements-troutman-ncDuring the hottest parts of the year, your air conditioning is just as important to your home as your heating is during the winter. So our HVAC contractors will do whatever it takes to make sure that your air conditioning is cooling your home effectively and efficiently. We offer repair, maintenance, and installation services that can ensure your AC is always in the best shape possible. Our professionals are all licensed, experienced, and professionally trained, so we can handle absolutely any AC service you may need.

At SHA Mechanical INC, we also know that air conditioning problems can occur at any time. We offer air conditioning tune-ups, which we recommend you have performed once a year, to help prevent any unexpected problems from cropping up. But when you do have a problem with your air conditioner that needs immediate attention, our HVAC contractors are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. We know that you don’t always have the time to schedule an appointment, and you can’t always wait for regular business hours to resume. So we’ll be a call away at any time, ready and eager to make sure that your air conditioning system is always able to provide you and your family with the comfort you rely on from your home.

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Your Trusted and Reliable Plumbing Company

When there’s a problem with your plumbing system, the comfort of your home is the first thing to go. Plumbing problems are probably the most frustrating type of problem that any homeowner experiences, and they can make your day-to-day life difficult and uncomfortable. So when you need any plumbing repairs, it’s important that you have a plumbing company you can depend on to get the job done right.

SHA Mechanical INC has been working in the area since 1975, and we’ve become one of the most trusted and reliable plumbing companies there is. That’s no accident: we have the knowledge and skill sets necessary for getting any job done, and we are dedicated to our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, installations, or any other plumbing services, our professionals will be ready and eager to make sure that your plumbing is as efficient and functional as possible.

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